The Concept of Active Power in the Philosophy of Thomas Reid

Keywords: Active power, action, common sense, agent, Thomas Reid


The article focuses on the concept of active power as an ability that activates the agent, who is the implementer of common sense principles in Thomas Reid's philosophy. Reid argues that the use of active power in the process of realizing the principles of common sense in action is very important for the morality of the agent. While the correct use of active power ensures the emergence of honorable and moral actions, the wrong use of this power causes the emergence of evil and immorality. For this reason, Reid defines the concept of active power as a distinctive feature of humans, such as the ability to think. In addition, Reid argues that people are conscious of the existence of their active power. Thus, people are also aware of their own limits. By being aware of other people's active powers, they can regulate their moral relationships. After briefly summarizing Reid's philosophical method in the article, the relationship between common sense principles and active power, which are presented as two important components of action, is discussed.

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Eroğlu, Zehra. 2022. “The Concept of Active Power in the Philosophy of Thomas Reid”. Entelekya Logico-Metaphysical Review 6 (1), 21-35.