Industrial Education: A Philosophical Evaluation of the Background of the Evolving Situation

from the Education of Morality to the Morality of Education

Keywords: Industrial education, morals of education, education of morals, capitalism, transformation, change, environment, context


The main problem of this text is as follows: While identifying the status of education systems related to moral education with the title of industrial education, the situation is identified through the problems of the morality of education or moral education. Then, a proposal on the education of morality is made through the system evaluation. This point is for the text. These problems are dealt with by using an in-depth and holistic evaluation method together with description and identification. The text primarily focuses on the founding meaning through which time manifests. Because education is both built by this meaning and fulfills a task that perpetuates it. As a part of an entirety/ground reflecting the spirit of the time, education carries/overflows its nuclei and aims. The expression “industrial education” is crucial in that it expresses both its roots, the entirety to which it belongs, and the network of values it has. Here, the term industrial refers to the ground in question, and industrial education refers to the educational understanding of that ground. It is unthinkable that the network of values (morality is one of them) it possesses is contrary to the whole in question. In the text, the identification of this situation is described through the “ethics of education”. This process that humanity has experienced is new. Therefore, industrial education should be interpreted with its conceptual network. Thus, concepts such as "environment", "context", "transformation", "change" have been redefined. This is essential to make sense of the situation. It identifies that the final solutions sought can be possible not with the “morals of education” but with the "education of morals". This means proposing a reinstallation of the system/environment.

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