The Relationship of Idea and Particulars in Plato

Episteme versus Doxa

  • Abdullah Demir Igdir University
Keywords: Plato, episteme, doxa, knowledge, ideas, particulars.


In this study, the epistemological approach of Plato is examined through his distinction between episteme and doxa. In this investigation, it is aimed to explain the theory of ideas, which is the concept that whenever a scholar studies on Plato, and their relations with the particulars. In our research, without ignoring the role and the place of the theory of ideas, we tried to understand the concept of doxa in his epistemology. In  Theaitetos, which is one of his later dialogues. Plato attempted to answer the question of what knowledge is without using the theory of ideas. By using these data, we could say that Plato shows us what knowledge is not rather than what it is.

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Demir, Abdullah. 2017. “The Relationship of Idea and Particulars in Plato”. Entelekya Logico-Metaphysical Review 1 (1-2), 37-54.