Paraphrase of Book Lambda, 9

Keywords: Aristotle, Themistius, Metaphysics, Book Lambda, divine intellect, thought


What makes Book Lambda the most important book of Metaphysics is to mention the fundamental substance of being. Therefore, Book Lambda is a book that has been regarded as valuable and has been studied extensively. Arabic translations of this book were in high demand in the Islamic world. We have also considered Arabic metaphysical translations, especially the translation of Book Lambda. The translation you will read is a commentary of the ninth chapter of Book Lambda by Themistius. The Greek original commentary of Lambda was lost, and after the Arabic translation, it was transferred to Latin and Hebrew. However, later parts of the Arabic text were also lost. In this chapter, Themistius comments on the part in which Aristotle discusses the difficulties on the nature of divine intellect and tries to prove that the object of reason, the act of thinking and the object of thinking are the same things.

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Paphlagonia, Themistius, and Ilyas Altuner. 2019. “Paraphrase of Book Lambda, 9”. Entelekya Logico-Metaphysical Review 3 (2), 53-60.