Technology from Ortega y Gasset’s Perspective

Means to Realize Human Being’s Nature

Keywords: Ortega y Gasset, philosophy of technology, Man the Technician, Meditation on Technics


As the most influential Spanish philosopher of the twentieth century José Ortega y Gasset wrote on a large variety of topics including technology and he is considered as one of the first philosophers who addressed the question of technology. In this study, after giving brief information on the main approaches in the philosophy of technology and on Ortega’s place among these approaches, I will present Ortega’s consideration of the problem of technology within his general philosophy and show how Ortega discusses the relationship between men and technology, how he describes the characteristics of both previous technologies and modern technology and to which problems/dangers he draws attention related to modern technology. So this study aims to emphasize his contribution to the contemporary debate over technology in the light of his relevant writings.

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