An Ontological Analysis of Hitler’s Anti-Semitic Perspective

  • Ece Merve Yanardağ TOBB Economy and Technology University
Keywords: Hitler, Nazism, Jews, German nationalism, anti-Semitism, genocide, concentration camps.


There is a common prejudice against “different ones”, not just for Jewish people, also against Gypsies, homosexuals, Poles, and communists. But the most significant minority in Austria and Germany was Jews in those years. Some of them were a merchant and working under suitable conditions, so they were living wealthy and affluent. So they were affected more than the others. Public opinion and support were taking importance for Hitler, this is why he evaluated this situation was dangerous for the German public. He blamed Jews even for the crisis of Austria. From year to year, he specified his thinking around small groups and affected them. In the future, Hitler would blame the Jews for the Second World War. In this paper, we will analyze Hitler’s attitude towards Jews and examine the film made upon him.

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Yanardağ, Ece Merve. 2018. “An Ontological Analysis of Hitler’s Anti-Semitic Perspective”. Entelekya Logico-Metaphysical Review 2 (1), 55-62.