The Place and Reliability of Aristotle's Induction in the Scientific Process

Keywords: Aristotle, induction, deduction, scientific process, intuition


This article analyses the relationship between deduction and induction by focusing on Aristotle's knowledge acquisition processes. The deductive and inductive processes in Aristotelian science are analysed in depth, and it is emphasised that these two processes are, in fact, interrelated. It is claimed that induction and deduction use logical inference but are not themselves an inference. The structure of inductive inference is determined, and the deductive inference and the inferential part of the scientific process are given. Furthermore, the article addresses the reliability of the inductive process, emphasising the difficulties in obtaining accurate results. In conclusion, it is shown that Aristotelian science has a fundamentally intuition-based part and plays an important role in the scientific process.

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Kelikli, Murat. 2024. “The Place and Reliability of Aristotle’s Induction in the Scientific Process”. Entelekya Logico-Metaphysical Review 8 (1), 11-26.