Idealistic Groundwork for Plato’s Philosophy of Education

  • Fatih Özkan Gazi University
Keywords: Plato, forms, the allegory of the cave, education, idealism, three-piece spirit understanding.


There are some terms which should be defined conceptually in the philosophy of values, such that they show us the quality of value judgments. As we have already pointed out, we have to start thinking about values with the essence of ethical concepts, and it is possible for us to create a norm of politics or law through these concepts. The Good as the basic concept of morality is the most comprehensive term that describes the reason for being in existence. Because questioning what good is will provide us to make judgments about what is the meaning of all life.

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Özkan, Fatih. 2017. “Idealistic Groundwork for Plato’s Philosophy of Education”. Entelekya Logico-Metaphysical Review 1 (1-2), 19-36.