Some Remarks on Averroes’ Long Commentary on the Metaphysics Book Alpha Meizon

  • Ilyas Altuner Igdir University
Keywords: Aristotle, Averroes, Metaphysics, Long Commentary, the Book Alpha Meizon, linguistical aporias, conception.


Averroes, considered to be the greatest Aristotelian commentator in the Middle Ages, has written three different types of commentary on almost all the works of this great philosopher: short, middle and long. These commentaries have been translated into Latin and Hebrew in the early period, and profoundly influenced both Medieval Europe and Jewish thought for centuries. The effect of Averroes in the West was to spread the whole of Europe under the name of Latin Averroism. The text what you have consists of some remarks about the translation of the commentary on the ‘Book Alpha Meizon’, the second book of Averroes’ Tafsīr Mā Ba’d at-Ṭabī’a.